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Звёзды Бурлеска 1890

Бурлеск возник в Итальянском театре 17-го века в качестве комиксов во время перерыва. Слово происходит от итальянского "Burla" - шутки, насмешки или издевательство.
В Лондоне Бурлеск был популярен 1830 в 1890-х годах. В США первые постановки Бурлеск-шоу датированы 1840 году и просуществовал до 1930 года, превратившись в стриптиз шоу.
Фото из личной коллекции доктора Чарльза Х. McCaghy, почетного профессора кафедры социологии университета Боулинг Грин Стейт.

1867. Eliza Blasina wearing horse-head headdress, short costume with attached horsetail, rows of round beads or bells around ankles, wrists, neck and upper arm.
Элиза Blasina


1890. Dolly Adams fringe at bottom of short costume, tights, short heeled boots topped with fringe, cross at neck, cap

1890. Rose Hamilton in a short costume, shoes with strap over the instep
Роза Гамильтон

Мисс Darcey

1890.  Minnie Marshall sitting on a stone sculpted fence, in short dress and boots.
Минни Маршалл



1890 Sylvia Gerrish with draped dress and pointed hat in woods.

1890 Gracie Wilson. in costume with cape.

1890 Jennie Dickerson in pseudo-military outfit.

1890. Viola Clifton facing front in sleeveless short fringed top and short fringed trunks.
Виола Клифтон

1890. Jennie Lee sitting on a chair,  holding a hair-dress on her head.

1890. Miss Murdock on pedestal, with fabric wings and horns shooting a bow and arrow.

1890. Nellie Page, posing.

1890. Adah Richmond, leaning on a stone fence.
Ада Richmond

1890 Leontine wearing ballet shoes.

1890. Vernona Jabeau, in high boots, hat, holding a candle in a long holder.
Vernona Jabeau

1890. Unidentified female performer [Camille?]in short sailor-style costume, shoes with knee-high stockings.
Неизвестные исполнительница [Камилла?]

1890. Pauline Hall in short, Greek style costume, flat shoes.

1890. Miss Farrington in short sleeveless costume, holding bow and arrow, with quiver and arrows on back, button heeled boots.
Мисс Фэррингтон

1890. Louise Montague in mini dress

1890. Ida Florence "The California Prize Beauty, in body stocking covered with transparent fabric, posed as statue.

1890. Josie Gregory in short, Mexican style costume
Джози Григорий

1890. Elvira Viola, sitting
Эльвира Виола

1890. Eliza Weathersby, as Gabriel in Rice & Goodwin's opera bouffe, "Evangeline", probably in a performance at Boston Museum, 1877.

1890. Clara Davenport in short sleeveless costume fringed at legs and armholes.
Клара Дэвенпорт

1890. Carrie McHenry as Jako in Bohemian Gy-url [sic], Colville Opera Company.

1890. Gussie Crayton.hat with feather, short sleeveless costume with half-calf laced boots.

1890. Mlle Conalba in police uniform style costume with hat and baton in right hand, half-calf laced boots.
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